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Hello and Welcome to Everythingelse4less.com!


Let's get started. First, Welcome again to Everythingelse for less website. Let's talk about what is going on here..

We are attempting to bring you difficult to find and exotic items that we find personally.

Also we present items that are available in stores but at big price differential.

You will also find some useful but used items that may meet one or two of your needs.

There are slso some articles of great interest that you may actually find useful compared to what you will find elsewhere. These articles are also very to the point and direct.

There are also some very selected links and banners to other online shops of distinction that can save you a trip to the store and may actually save you some labor and time. Some of these banners are quite artistic, bold and even aggressive. But remember, I did not make them. Sorry about those. I just thought that they looked nice.

You will also find some reviews that may help you with your own business or otherwise.

There are also a lot buying and other money saving tips all over the website.


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You will also find many links to wholesaletoolsforless which is another of our websites specializing in tools and other relatd items' sales. You will find many links to that website. This website in turn has many usefiul links to extremely interesting  articles to help you with your money management, if you are able to see the point there. Strangely enough this website has some serious articles on tennis for professional players. I played tennis for many years and was coached by All-India coaches. These articles are pricesless but are available for you to read and enjoy for free. If you are not a tennis enthusiast, that is OK. There are many other engaging articles, remarks and comments. You will find something of interst, no matter what your interest.

Free UltraFast HD Video/audio & DVD Player, Ads-Free!

There are also articles on setting up your own website in short order instead of having to pay those expensive and never ending fees that they charge you out there.

lso there are special links to sites that I use a lot for ordering a lot of my own stuff and stuff for my own businesses. These sites are setup to save you money when you need items like electronics, office goods and above all travel and leisure. I also warn you as to what other sites that are so famous are actually not only saving you nothing but are actually charging you more than the traditional sources. For instance you can go to Expedia or Priceline for an air travel need and you may think you have a deal. But actually you will find a lower price directly at US Air or Delta or American!

There are many rotating links from Google. I do not know much about these since they are content dependent. But I do know that most of them are from very reputable companies and you can safely click on them and follow them, if you find any intersesting links. Feel free. Thers is another categoty of links that are to some very specialized shops of distinction and are selling some top of the line expensive stuff but at attractive prices. These links are safe and if you have that kind of money, go ahead and enjoy yourself.

But the largest number of links are for travel, electronics, Website building, domain names, phones and phone accessories. All of these are absolutely safe and you can follow them with confidence.

So onwards and upwards ..... and enjoy your visit!

And if you do not follow something, you can call me direct (651)442-9044.



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